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Neuron kann Dominoeffekt auslösen

Wenn der Geruchssinn schwindet, kann dies eine Erkrankung wie Alzheimer oder Parkinson ankündigen. Jedoch anders als bislang vermutet, spielen beim Verlust des Geruchssinns mit zunehmendem Alter nicht generelle Degenerationen im Nervensystem die tragende Rolle, sondern entscheidend sind lediglich einzelne Nervenzellen oder Klassen von Nerven. Weiterlesen

A New Piece of the Parkinson’s Puzzle

Here’s some more news on the Parkinson’s front, with a possible risk factor (and possible protective agent) both coming from an unexpected direction. It’s been known for quite a while now that the alpha-synuclein protein is deeply involved in the pathology of the disease – precipitated masses of it are found apparently killing off cells in the affected region of the brain (it’s the main constituent of Lewy bodies), and people with higher copy numbers of the gene for it are at greater risk for developing the disease in the first place. Weiterlesen

brain cells could be reprogrammed to replicate those lost

Swedish scientists tested a cocktail of molecules in mice with Parkinson-like symptoms.

After treatment, the mice’s symptoms appeared to improve.

The revolutionary approach may overtake brain cell transplants, which was previously thought to be the only hope of a cure.

According to study author Dr Ernest Arenas, this new treatment will not require the immune system-suppressing drugs needed in transplants.

The therapy makes dopamine-producing cells from those already in the brain, meaning patients will not reject them, which is a risk with transplants, he said. Weiterlesen